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Latin Jazz ensembles amass tonight @ UNT Voertman Hall

April 2, 2013

UNT College of Music

Did you know any other music school that has an Afro-Cuban Ensemble, a Brazilian Ensemble, AND a Latin Jazz Ensemble? These are just three of more than 50 ensembles in UNT’s College of Music, and they’ll perform in a free concert tonight, 8 p.m., in Voertman Hall.


UNT Afro-Cuban Ensembles

Vocals: Christian Ferreira, Brittany Padilla
Songs from the Afro Puerto Rican western Bomba tradition (arr. Aponte)
La de Mayagüez
(Bomba de Mayagüez, Sica, Yuba, Holande; Puerto Rico)

Afro Cuban Folklore/Lucumi (adapt. Aponte)
Los Tres Guerreros: Elegua, Oggun, Ochosi (Bata; Cuba)

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas (adapt. Aponte/Corsaro)
La Jeringoza (Rumba Guaguanco/Iyesa; Cuba)

Grupo Clave y Guaguanco (adapt. Aponte)
Gozalo Como Yo (Rumba Yambu; Cuba)

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas (adapt. Aponte)
Congo Yanbumba (Rumba Guaguanco; Cuba)

Brazilian EnsembleBrazilianInstruments

Special Guest: John Murphy (accordion)
Vocals: Brittany Padilla

Brazilian Traditional (adapt. Aponte)
Sambeando (Samba Batacuda; Brazil)

Carlinhos Brown (as played by Timbalada/adapt. Aponte)
Cadê o Timbau? (Timba; Brazil)

Antônio Costa (as played by Olodum/adapt. Aponte/Padilla)
Nordeste Valente (Forro/Samba Reggae; Brazil)

Germano Meneghel/Marquinhos Marques (as played by Olodum/adapt. Aponte)
Bora Bora (Samba Reggae; Brazil)

UNT Latin Jazz Lab Band

Alejandro FraileOri-Cha-Soul

Sergio PamiesDudu
(Salsa timba/Jazz)

Juan ChavesNot Yet
(Timba funk/Jazz)

Juan ChavesPara Ti

Rob RoseShaky Boy

Free admission.

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