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Local Jazz makes way for 35 Denton

March 1, 2013

By Kathy Edwards McFarland

Thursday, March 7, before the Indies and Techno-groups enjoin Denton’s downtown venues for 35 Denton,,

Le Not So Hot Klub du Denton

Le Not So Hot Klub du Denton

Sweetwater Grill & Tavern, 115 S. Elm St., Denton, (Denton’s hub for Live Jazz) will open its doors to the sweet sounds of Le Not So Hot Klub du Denton, for two hours of Gypsy Swing, a la Django Reinhardt, 7 to 9 p.m.

Then, at 9:30 p.m., armbands will be worn as 35 Denton officially begins its schedule with Biographies, a six-man band from Denton.

At 10:30 p.m., another Denton-based band, Black James Franco, an indie/soul/power-rock trio, takes the Patio Stage.

35 DentonSavage and the Big Beat, also based in Denton, brings a musical-theater vibe to their Indie-Rock sound at 11:30 p.m.

Closing out the Thursday night performances at 12:30 a.m.. is Fort Worth‘s own is Telegraph Canyon, a septet of talented musicians

Biographies Denton, TX



Biographies is a group of six young friends from Denton, TX, who strive for a sound that can not only be heard, but felt. Though still in their formative year, the band is disciplined, and their careful attention to dynamics and song structure while crafting their music lends to a collection of songs that one would expect from a more mature, seasoned group. Their live show is not to be missed; a balanced blend of youthful energy, practiced and well-executed musicianship, and creative theatrics. 2013 looks bright for Biographies, with a debut album set to be released in March and a plan to play shows to/with whoever they can, as often as they are able to.
Biographies on Facebook

Black James Franco Denton, TX

Black James Franco is an indie/soul/power-rock trio that lives in Denton TX.

Black James Franco

Black James Franco

Edwin plays drums and sings lead vocals while Elliot provides a rhythmic body with his bass lines. Julio plays on top of the beat with his eccentric and explosive guitar licks. The music is inspired and indebted to many different genres including hip-hop, blues, metal, jazz, Latin, rock and funk. In an age of music where everyone takes themselves so seriously, Black James Franco exists to remind us that music is fun and there’s no such thing as a bad time when you’ve got the groove.
Black James Franco’s Website
Black James Franco on Facebook

Savage and the Big Beat Denton, TX

Savage and the Big Beat

Savage and the Big Beat

A four-piece indie-rock group with theatrical musical-like tendencies, primal narratives, and catchy tunes channeling the strange and wonderful; Inspired by nothing more than their child-like imaginations.
Savage and the Big Beat’s Website
Savage and the Big Beat on Facebook
Savage and the Big Beat on Twitter

Telegraph Canyon Fort Worth, TX

Telegraph Canyon

Telegraph Canyon

“Sprawling Fort Worth, TX septet write alarming small songs, ornamented with accordion and violin — quiet little alt-country numbers that work their way toward irresistible choruses.” – Rolling Stone

Telegraph Canyon expertly blends the rustic, organic tones of harmonica, viola, organ and acoustic guitar with the technological muscle and intricately processed electronics.” – West Coast Performer

Sweetwater Grill & Tavern will play host to three more nights of 35 Denton acts –

Friday, March 8
Houndmouth, The O’s, ella Minnow, Madisons

Saturday, March 9
Hey Marseilles, Deep Sea Diver, The Hope Trust, Pageantry

Sunday, March 10
KXT Showcase, The Last Bison, Doug Burr, Somebody’s Darling, The Treeline


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