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La Donna Musicale promoting female 18th Century composers

February 19, 2013

Music History as Equal Opportunity Discriminator


Aesthetic, Not Anesthetic: Yestercentury’s Pop: Hot or Cool but Never Cold
Editor’s Note: This truly is Out-of-Bounds material for DJC posts, but a challenge to keep in mind female composers are part of our history and still working their magic in a music genres – including Jazz.

Members of La Donna Musicale (photo by Javier Parra)

Learning that there were composers other than Handel, Mozart and Haydn making music throughout the eighteenth century was surprising enough.  Now it turns out that some of them were women!

If that sounds intuitive or funny, try looking at most concert programs or classical music publications.  As usual it’s up to curious performers to tell the whole story.

That’s where La Donna Musicale come in: they’ve been promoting female composers of the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical eras since 1993, unearthing works that often didn’t get the attention they warranted when the composers themselves were alive, and their concert last Thursday came across like a Greatest Hits collection, just in time for a Valentine’s Day release.  You can read more about all of these ladies musicians in my coverage on The Boston Musical Intelligencer.

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